<strong>2012 Season Schedule</strong>


15th           ML King Jr &amp; Covenant Service at Beneficent Church
16th            25th Annual Tribute to ML King Jr State Holiday Commission @ Ebenezer Baptist Church


City of Providence MLK Jr Hall of Fame awards program
Rhode Island College Black History Month program
15th            DaVinci Sr Center Providence


13th             St Martin DePorres Sr Center Providence
22nd            Fox Point Sr Center Providence


19th            NARC AKA Conference @ Rhode Island Convention Center

<strong>May: </strong>

<strong></strong>5th              NAACP Annual Brunch


23rd            Summer Workshop begins


<strong></strong>8th            Gospel Brunch &amp; Concert: “The Beauty of My Music”


<strong></strong> 30th           Winter Workshop begins


<strong></strong>  1st            City of Providence Tree Lighting

7th           Advent of Unity Concert: “Rejoice! Rejoice!”