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Winter Concert
Concert Saturday, December 2, 2017
7:00 PM
Beneficent Congregational Church
300 Weybosset Street
Providence, Rhode Island

Our Mission


Dr. Clarice LaVerne Thompson, Artistic Director
By Erin X Smithers Photography

Founder’s Vision Statement
United in musical and cultural education, RPM seeks to demonstrate a community of harmony and inclusion where all are welcomed and all are valued.

Mission Statement
To create a musical space for all voices to participate in the African American choral tradition through an ongoing experiential education cycle of instruction and performance.


We are committed to Reaching People through Music by welcoming all levels of musicality, life experiences, familiarity with the genre; we encourage an intergenerational experience, reaching out to youth to ensure their opportunity to learn about a musical and cultural heritage.

We provide a nurturing space that cultivates a musically literate society while fostering social bonds among diverse ethnic populations throughout Rhode Island and neighboring communities.

We are committed to excellence in education and performance, recognizing the importance of holding the music as a sacred trust to previous and for future generations.

We are grateful for all investments in the mission of our organization and will use our resources wisely.

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